The art of painting on wood is a very decorative style and suitable for houses with both rustic and modern style. We are prepared for information in order to be able to make Romanesque, international Gothic pieces, and thus enjoy the spaces created according to the environment ..

From a very early age (more or less 12/13 years old), José María was already beginning to win drawing and painting contests in the town where he lives, Palamós, located on the Costa Brava (Girona). He also performed large-scale graffiti, decorated discos and music bars in Platja d'Aro and from the age of 15 began to take an interest in the art of the altarpiece (painting on wood) acquiring classic books to improve his technique (self-

In this section you can see a series of pieces that he has made over many years. The most famous ones inspired by the national heritage of Catalonia In order to make any piece that the client wishes, he can show a photo or a drawing, and the teacher puts it on the table. There is also the possibility of making large-scale decorative murals, ceilings, walls, halls, etc.

Below you can see a selection of photographs of the work done