Sculptures / wood carvings

Our wood carving team is a very professional team and prepared to face any challenge and to get the most out or performance in regard to decorate the decorative parts of each piece that is commissioned. A preliminary study is made to make the most of an art that is about to become extinct in Spain.

We have a large collection of sizes, Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, Modernist, Neoclassical, etc ... all inspired by the art of classical sculpture. Some made by Jose Maria, and others made by his team of wood carvers and sculptors. José María makes the drawing or pattern of the piece that the client wants, and the carvers do almost the whole piece, leaving the final touch to the master José María.

Its polychromy is very special. The client can choose the colors, or we can let the master polychromer make his style, always with an old style finish so that the piece looks like a 200 year old piece ....

Below you can see a selection of photographs of the work done