About us

Josep M. Martí, born on the 25 June 1974, he stood out at an early age in the art of ceramics winning various prizes both locally and nationally. He started to work at the age of15 in workshops which specialized in wood, from carpentry, cabinetmaking and cravings, making sculptures using polychrome painting.

Taking in all forms of art and learning the secrets form the masters

Setting up his first business at the age of 20 "ArtAntic" which specializes in exclusive interior decoation

First works


Mirror Baroque style, inspired. Unique piece. Dimensions: 2,5m x 1,80m. Manufactured at age 16


Baroque console with mirror made at age 15. Unique piece.


Framework of the divine shepherdess for the church of Cadaqués. Age, 19 years.


Coronation of the Virgin Mary, Josep M. with his mother, age 20 years.

In the workshop.