Consolas Italian Renaissance

The owner of these two consoles renaissance is the old descendant of the colonist family of Sicily of the Duke of Pallain, commander of the battle of Lepanto (1571), who in 1577 was named viceroy of Sicily by King Philip II of Spain.

The two consoles are sculpted wood, one golden in gold leaf and the other with silver (symbol of masculine and feminine). Exceptional sculpture of four expressive dragons expelling flames and flowers in the mouth towards the central part where the phoenix is found (mythological bird that rises from its ashes). The base is four dolphins (symbol of the divinity of the sea). The envelope is a fake Sicilian style polychrome marble.


After much searching for a sculptor able to interpret with two photos of the originals, why these types of pieces are very difficult to create, they found me by recommendation. After a study of several days, I was able to manufacture them, but without hurry cause these types of pieces need a very high concentration due the originals had only two old photos.

But, anyway, I'm happy that there are still people who like art so I can perform as an artist. I thank the customer for their trust and patience with me.

Consolas Italian Renaissance (Sicily, 16th century)

Artist sculptor: Josep Maria Martí, La Bisbal d'Empordà, Girona, Spain, S XXI